LYNN began her career journey as a high fashion model at Saks Fifth Avenue on Philadelphia’s posh mainline to help pay for her Master’s degree in Psychology. She soon found herself on the
high fashion runways of New York City working with the world’s top fashion designers, and as a television spokesperson for commercial and corporate sponsors. She jumped at an opportunity to write the news for a local TV station, which led to on-camera news reporting and anchoring.

After enjoying a decade of success in the Big Apple, she moved to Los Angeles to report news and entertainment for national syndication, and to co-produce the critically acclaimed
theatrical hit
Tamara, The True Story You Follow From Room to Room. The play ran for over ten years in Los Angeles with additional successes in New York City and around the world.

Lynn traveled extensively throughout those years, meeting with and interviewing people from diverse cultures, traditions, economies, religions and ethnicities.
Preferring to remain close to home to raise her three children, Lynn took a hiatus from traveling and the media and developed a manners and personal skills curriculum reflecting a composite of her education, world travels, religious values, motherhood, and professional and volunteer experiences.

Her program, called
PERFECTLY POISED - Manners for the Modern Ages, teaches children, teens,
adults, and organizations the behaviors and skills essential to personal and professional self-improvement and empowerment, leading to a fulfilling and meaningful life, greater advantages
and opportunities, and productive contributions to society.

Her soon to be released book -
VALUES & VIRTUES: Life’s A Bust Without ‘Em! - is
the topic of her Las Vegas radio show each Thursday at
3 PM (Pacific Time) on KLAV
1230 AM
. In her inimitable high energy and cutting edge style, Lynn shares insights, wisdom,
knowledge and humor…on how things ought to be.

As a journalist, Lynn is a monthly feature writer for DAVID magazine, a Las Vegas hi-style
metro publication with substantive content. Lynn has interviewed celebrities, politicians, authors, and numerous persons of note, covering stories from the growing turmoil in the Middle East, to the opening of the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, to concept, technology and innovation stories, to high profile pieces such as the extraordinary life of Elie Wiesel and the courageous choices of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Lynn is a sought after and engaging emcee and speaker at events throughout the U.S.
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